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"It is extremely rare these days to get the care and attention that this amazing group offers. From the moment you arrive to the time you leave you know beyond a shadow of doubt you are in good hands. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my recovery needs."


"There is no adequate amount of compensation that could ever be paid for the outstanding physical therapy I have received from Dean and his Zoom-Team, when I had suffered from a frozen shoulder. Their knowledge and compassionate support compared to none other! During every session I was not only given top notch treatment, but was also provided with the necessary tools and encouragement to get through a speedy recovery. Dean has literally given back to me the full use of my arm!

Zoom Physiotherapy has helped me with anything needed to make me feel comfortable and to put a smile back on my face. Their professional and personalized care is absolutely exceptional! As happy as I am that my injury has healed 100%, I have to admit, I miss seeing all of them regularly!"


"The diagnosis and solution. I have been to Zoom for tendinoses, a broken ankle and wrist and a foot that wouldn’t let me raise my toes.

In all these cases through treatment and exercises I gained back full range of motion and the ability to continue my very active lifestyle.

I have also recommended Zoom to 4 other friends who needed and received treatment for their issues when all else seemed not to help.

Many thanks to all the amazing staff for keeping us up and running."


"Zoom Physio helped immensely with my shoulder injury a few years ago, using several different strategies to treat the underlying condition. My shoulder works well now."


"Turned 70 this summer and thanks to your group feel I had full shoulder recovery. Hockey 3 times and tai chi 3 times each week keeps me moving."


"I hurt my back due to work and my doctor told me to see a physiotherapist. I called Zoom and left a message. Within an hour Berta called back and gave me tips on what to do until they could see me. My first appointment Dean went through in detail getting to know me and my pain. He listened and believed in my pain (as some people think you are making it up, since they can't see it). Over the next few months Dean and Tara worked on me, tweaking the exercises depending if it was working or not really. Dean let me know at the beginning expectations and where he could get me. I have flare ups which he would say I would and continue to do the exercises at home and work. Is therapy expensive, yes. Does it work, YES. I would recommend Dean to anyone. And they have an elevator!"


"I always tell everyone who needs physiotherapy how wonderful you are & saved me from having to have surgery."


"This is my second encounter with the physiotherapists at Zoom. They are, without a doubt, the best physiotherapists I have encountered. I have had numerous occasions throughout my life to require the services of a physiotherapist. This group of professionals are the best. Their knowledge, care and professionalism is the epitome for the profession. Their initial evaluation, therapy sessions, exercise program, follow-up evaluation(s), are what all physiotherapist professional's should aspire to provide to their patients."

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